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Gravity-lensed supernova magnifes understanding of universe

Gizmag - Tue 25 Apr 17

Using an automated supernova-hunting "pipeline," scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have identified a Type Ia supernova that exploded about four billion ...

Sixteen ways of looking at a supernova

Cosmos Magazine - Thu 20 Apr 17

 Thanks to fast thinking, luck, and gravitational lensing, four telescopes managed to observe a quadruple image of a single supernova. Andrew Masterson reports.

Rare supernova discovery ushers in new era for cosmology - Thu 20 Apr 17

With the help of an automated supernova-hunting pipeline and a galaxy sitting 2 bil-lion light years away from Earth that's acting as a "magnifying glass,'' astronomers have captured multiple ...

Warp in Space-Time Mega-Magnifies Supernova Explosion for Hubble

Discovery News - Fri 21 Apr 17

Credit: Joel JohanssonThis supernova was ready for its close-up — times four! Researchers have spotted an extremely rare phenomenon in the sky: A galaxy was positioned perfectly ...

A Star Explosion Times 4: Supernova Image Quadrupled in Rare Sight

Livescience - Thu 20 Apr 17

This supernova was ready for its close-up — times four!

A Star Explosion Times 4: Supernova Image Quadrupled in Rare Sight, - Thu 20 Apr 17

Scientists get a rare view of a type Ia supernova magnified 50 times

L.A. Times - Thu 20 Apr 17

For the first time, astronomers have caught a type Ia supernova being magnified by more than 50 times and split into four images in the night sky thanks to gravitational lensing. The discovery, ...

Supernova is captured from four different angles

Daily Mail - Thu 20 Apr 17

The strange phenomenon was possible because light from the exploding star bent through a galaxy before reaching Earth, report researchers from the University of Stockholm.

The light of this distant supernova was warped and split in four ways by a passing galaxy

The Verge - Thu 20 Apr 17

The explosive death of a star is an incredible event, but not an unusual one for astronomers to observe. But now, for the first time, scientists have spotted a star’s death — ...

A warp in space-time just gave us four views of one exploding star

Popular Science - Thu 20 Apr 17

Space Astronomers catch a galaxy magnifying and splitting the light from a supernova A galaxy passing in front of a supernova does trippy things to its light. Read on.

Palomar Observatory spots a gravitationally lensed supernova - Fri 21 Apr 17

This unique find offers insight into the expanding universe

Keck captures rare high-resolution images of exploded star

SpaceDaily - Mon 24 Apr 17

Kamuela HI (SPX) Apr 24, 2017 Scientists will now be able to measure how fast the universe is truly expanding with the kind of precision not possible before. This, after an international ...

Rare Supernova Discovery Ushers in New Era for Cosmology

Newswise - Thu 20 Apr 17

With help from a supernova-hunting pipeline based at NERSC, astronomers captured multiple images of a gravitationally lensed Type 1a supernova. This is currently the only one, but if astronomers ...

Light rays from a supernova bent by the curvature of space-time around a galaxy

ScienceDaily - Thu 20 Apr 17

Astronomers have detected for the first time multiple images from a gravitationally lensed Type Ia supernova. The new observations suggest promising new avenues for the study of the accelerated ...

Hubble observes first multiple images of explosive distance indicator

Eurekalert - Thu 20 Apr 17

A Swedish-led team of astronomers used the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to analyze the multiple images of a gravitationally lensed type Ia supernova for the first time. The four images of ...