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US company offers free microchip implants to all employees

Gizmag - 10 hours ago

For years, a subset of the transhumanist community, called "grinders", has been experimenting with implanting electronics and microchips into their bodies. Considered fringe technology ...

US tech company becomes first to microchip employees

The Independent - Mon 24 Jul 17

The chips will allow employees to pay for food and drink in the company's break room, open doors, login to computers and use the copy machine

A short flight over Pluto

Cosmos Magazine - Fri 21 Jul 17

This amazing NASA video takes you on a low-altitude trip over Pluto’s otherworldly terrain

Soar over Pluto's mountains and icy plains in this cool flyover based on data from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft

Discover Magazine - Mon 17 Jul 17

While mission scientists were at it, they also produced a spectacular flyover of Charon, Pluto's largest moon The still images of Pluto sent home to Earth by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft ...

Video: Flyover of Pluto's majestic mountains and icy plains - Mon 17 Jul 17

In July 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft sent home the first close-up pictures of Pluto and its moons – amazing imagery that inspired many to wonder what a flight over the distant worlds' ...

New horizons unveils new maps of Pluto, Charon on flyby anniversary - Mon 17 Jul 17

On July 14, 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft made its historic flight through the Pluto system – providing the first close-up images of Pluto and its moons and collecting other data that ...

NASA's spectacular flyover video transports you to Pluto

Gizmag - Sun 16 Jul 17

Back in July 2015, NASA's New Horizons probe completed an historic flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto. Collecting over 50 gigabits of data during the encounter it took more than a year ...

Company In Wisconsin Offers Its Employees Chip Implants

Ubergizmo - 12 hours ago

Implants for medical and research purposes aren’t new, but it seems like it could also be the way of the future in which implants can be used to verify who we say we are. In fact a company ...

Wisconsin company Three Square Market to microchip employees

BBC Technology - 12 hours ago

Three Square Market says 50 employees have already signed up for the $300 (£230) chip.

Wisconsin company offers staff implants for keys and passwords

Engadget - 17 hours ago

Don't assume that companies chipping employees is usually the stuff of dystopian science fiction -- it's here... although it's better than it sounds. Wisconsin's ...

Cyborg Employees? Company Offers Free Microchipping to Workers

Livescience - 18 hours ago

One company is offering their employees the unusual perk of getting a free microchip, which they see as the future of micropayments.

Wisconsin company to install microchips in employees

Daily Mail - 18 hours ago

Wisconsin company, Three Market Square announced this week that it plans to install microchips (file) in employees to use in break room markets. Employees will be able to purchase items using ...

Wisconsin company to install rice-sized microchips in employees

USA today - Mon 24 Jul 17

A Wisconsin tech company is offering its employees microchip implants that can be used to scan into the building and purchase food at work.        

A Foolish Take: makes most of its money from web services

USA today - Sat 22 Jul 17

You might be surprised at what brings in the big bucks.        

Upcoming Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon earnings may add more fuel to market rally

USA today - Fri 21 Jul 17

Key earnings reports from tech titans Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet could determine if the stock market rally can continue on Wall Street.        

Here comes the Galaxy Note 8: Samsung sets press reveal Aug. 23

USA today - Thu 20 Jul 17

The company is finally expected to unveil the successor to the recalled Note 7        

FTC looking into Amazon discount-pricing policy: report

USA today - Thu 20 Jul 17

Probe was brought on by complaint from advocacy group Consumer Watchdog as part of Amazon's proposed $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods.        

Pizza Hut plans to hire roughly 14,000 new drivers this year

USA today - Tue 18 Jul 17

More drivers, new technology will speed meals to customers, Pizza Hut says        

NASA unveils new maps of Pluto, Moon Charon for flyby anniversary

FOXNews - Tue 18 Jul 17

On the two-year anniversary of the New Horizons probe's flyby of Pluto, mission scientists unveiled two detailed global maps of the dwarf planet and its largest moon, Charon.

NASA Unveils New Maps of Pluto, Moon Charon for Flyby Anniversary, Livescience - Tue 18 Jul 17
NASA Unveils New Maps of Pluto, Moon Charon for Flyby Anniversary, - Mon 17 Jul 17

Flyover Video Reveals Pluto’s Bizarre Terrain

National Geographic - Tue 18 Jul 17

Buzz Pluto's mountains in this gorgeous NASA video - CNET

CNET - Mon 17 Jul 17

You'll feel like you might bump into Pluto's mountains with a NASA video showing a first-person flyover as seen by the New Horizons spacecraft.

Fly over Pluto and Charon in the latest NASA footage

Engadget - Mon 17 Jul 17

The New Horizons spacecraft may have moved on from Pluto, making a long march to the Kuiper Belt, but we're still deep in the process of analyzing the data it sent back. Now, for ...

NASA releases stunning video that lets you flyby Pluto

USA today - Mon 17 Jul 17

While humans may not make it to Pluto any time in the near future, NASA is allowing people to get a taste of what it would be like with a new flyby video.        

Feel like you’re zooming over Pluto and its moon Charon with NASA’s new 3D animations

The Verge - Sun 16 Jul 17

It was two years ago, on July 14th, 2015, that NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto — marking the first time we had ever explored this mysterious small world. The probe ...

NASA unveils detailed maps and flyby videos for New Horizons anniversary. - Fri 21 Jul 17

Now you can relive the historic flyby with these releases.

VIDEO: NASA releases new Pluto flyover animation

RedOrbit - Mon 17 Jul 17

If you’re among the countless space science enthusiasts who wondered what the New Horizons spacecraft’s 2015 flyover of  Pluto might have looked like, you’re in luck – NASA has released ...

New Horizons Video Soars over Pluto's Majestic Mountains and Icy Plains

SpaceDaily - Mon 17 Jul 17

Laurel MD (SPX) Jul 17, 2017 In July 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft sent home the first close-up pictures of Pluto and its moons - amazing imagery that inspired many to wonder what ...