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Massive Deposits of Water Ice Found on Mars

Discover Magazine - Fri 12 Jan 18

Despite the fact that Mars has an atmosphere just 1 percent as dense as Earth’s, the surface of the Red Planet still has to deal with plenty of weathering and erosion. In 2008, researchers ...

Huge ice sheets on Mars could allow humans to live on the Red Planet, Nasa spacecraft shows

The Independent - Fri 12 Jan 18

You can go out with a bucket and shovel and just collect as much water as you need,' one scientist said. 'I think it's sort of a game-changer'

Scientists Have Discovered Massive Ice Sheets on Mars

TIME - Fri 12 Jan 18

The water they contain could be a useful resource for future astronauts

3D scans reveal huge underground ice sheets on Mars

Gizmag - Thu 11 Jan 18

Mars may not be as dry as it looks. NASA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have used instruments onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) to analyze the vertical structure ...

Mars has ice sheets 130 metres thick hiding below its red dust

Newscientist - Thu 11 Jan 18

Eight newfound Martian cliffs made up of layers of ice could tell us how the Red Planet's climate has changed in the past several million years

Deep, buried glaciers spotted on Mars - Thu 11 Jan 18

Buried glaciers have been spotted on Mars, offering new hints about how much water may be accessible on the Red Planet and where it is located, researchers said Thursday.

Deep, buried glaciers spotted on Mars, SpaceDaily - Sun 14 Jan 18

Cliffs of ice spied on Mars

Science Now - Thu 11 Jan 18

Martian Glaciers Could Help Unlock Planet’s History - Fri 12 Jan 18

The quest to find water on Mars continues as researchers report the likely presence of ice sheets on the Red Planet. Data from two orbiting spacecraft revealed ice cliffs at least 100 meters ...

NASA finds easy-to-access water all over Mars

Engadget - Fri 12 Jan 18

NASA and private companies like SpaceX are busy planning Mars missions, but only have a vague idea of how they're going to find critical water supplies. Now, using the Mars Reconnaissance ...

Big sheets of water ice lie just beneath the surface of Mars

FOXNews - Fri 12 Jan 18

Sizable deposits of water ice lurk just beneath the surface in some regions of Mars, a new study reports.

NASA Finds Vast Deposits of Ice Just Under Martian Surface

Extremetech - Fri 12 Jan 18

We've known for years that there is at least some water ice on Mars, but it's been hard to pin down where it is and how easy it would be to extract. New data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance ...

Cliffs of pure, blue water-ice spotted just below Mars’ surface

ZME Science - Fri 12 Jan 18

That's a lot of water.

Huge Glaciers Found Hiding Beneath Mars Surface

Livescience - Fri 12 Jan 18

The newfound sheets are buried by just a few feet of Martian dirt in some places, meaning it might be accessible to future crewed missions.

Big Sheets of Water Ice Lie Just Beneath the Surface of Mars , - Thu 11 Jan 18

Huge Water Reserves Found All Over Mars

National Geographic - Fri 12 Jan 18

New NASA images show layers of ice peeking out of eroded cliffs—a potential boon for future humans on the red planet.

Martian ice deposits could sustain human outposts in the future

Reuters - Thu 11 Jan 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists using images from an orbiting NASA spacecraft have detected eight sites where huge ice deposits near the Martian surface are exposed on steep slopes, a potential ...

Deep, buried glaciers spotted on Mars

Daily Mail - Thu 11 Jan 18

Buried glaciers have been spotted on Mars, offering new hints about how much water may be accessible on the Red Planet and where it is located, researchers have revealed.

Researchers have identified eight, massive sheets of ice just below the Martian surface, and they appear to be relatively young deposits.

Discovery News - Thu 11 Jan 18

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UA/USGSScientists just uncovered eight, massive ice sheets on Mars hidden below the surface. A co-author of a paper published Jan. 11 in the journal ...

Large sheets of ice may have been spotted on Mars

Ars Technica - Thu 11 Jan 18

Indications of layering suggest they may trap some of the planet’s climate history.

Glaciers spotted on Mars could support future Martian bases - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Thu 11 Jan 18

Scientists have spotted the most accessible and pure chunks of ice yet on the red planet. They could one day provide life support and fuel for human missions.

Steep Slopes on Mars Reveal Structure of Buried Ice

Astrobiology Magazine - Sat 13 Jan 18

Researchers using NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have found eight sites where thick deposits of ice beneath Mars' surface are exposed in faces of eroding slopes.

Steep Slopes on Mars Reveal Structure of Buried Ice, SpaceDaily - Thu 11 Jan 18

Hi-res images reveal 3D structure of massive Martian ice sheets

UPI - Fri 12 Jan 18

High-definition images have revealed the 3D structure of large subsurface ice sheets on Mars, a first.

Massive, deep deposits of ice found on Mars - Thu 11 Jan 18

Researchers studying the eroded edges of ridges on Mars have found that substantial deposits of water ice exist just a few feet below martian surface, reaching over 300 feet thick in some areas.

Scientists Discover Clean Water Ice Just Below Mars' Surface

Wired Science - Thu 11 Jan 18

It’s not just the volume of water they found, it’s how mineable it promises to be.

Martian ice deposits could sustain human outposts in the future:study

The Hindu - Fri 12 Jan 18

Thick underground ice sheets were found along the planet's middle latitudes.

Multiple sites rich in water ice found on Mars

ScienceDaily - Thu 11 Jan 18

Erosion on Mars is exposing deposits of water ice, starting at depths as shallow as one to two meters below the surface and extending 100 meters or more.