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Short-term changes in Antarctica's ice shelves are key to predicting their long-term fate - Thu 14 Jun 18

Antarctica's ice sheet contains enough ice to raise global sea levels by around 180 feet if it all melted. But dramatic, eye-catching changes to Antarctica's floating ice shelves, such as calving ...

Antarctica has lost nearly 3 trillion tonnes of ice since 1992 - Thu 14 Jun 18

It can be easy to overlook the monstrous scale of the Antarctic ice sheet. Ice, thick enough in many places to bury mountains, covers a continent roughly the size of the US and Mexico combined. ...

Antarctic ice loss and sea level rise rates have tripled since 2012

Gizmag - Thu 14 Jun 18

An international team of scientists from over 40 organizations around the world has completed the most comprehensive assessment of how Antarctica's ice mass is changing – and as expected, ...

Sobering Finds in Most Comprehensive Study Ever on Antarctic Ice Loss

Discover Magazine - Wed 13 Jun 18

Some 3 trillion tons of ice has melted from Antarctica since 1992, and there’s not much time to change course. That’s according to a sweeping group of studies published Wednesday in the ...

Alarm as ice loss from Antarctica triples in the past five years

Newscientist - Wed 13 Jun 18

The loss of Antarctica’s ice has been accelerating ominously since 2012, and could lead to big rises in sea level if the rate of loss keeps increasing

Antarctica’s Ice Is Melting Even Faster, and Scientists Are Deeply Worried

TIME - Wed 13 Jun 18

'Things are happening. They are happening faster than we expected.'

Antarctica has lost about 3 trillion metric tons of ice since 1992

ScienceNews - Wed 13 Jun 18

Antarctica’s rate of ice loss has sped up since 1992 — mostly in the last five years, raising global sea level by almost 8 millimeters on average.

Antarctica loses three trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years

BBC News - Wed 13 Jun 18

Satellites observing the White Continent detect a jump in the rate of ice being lost to the ocean.

How to save Antarctica (and the rest of Earth too) - Wed 13 Jun 18

Decisions made in the next decade will determine whether Antarctica suffers dramatic changes that contribute to a metre of global sea level rise.

Much of East Antarctica remained frozen during past 8 million years - Wed 13 Jun 18

Three major ice sheets are being closely watched by scientists as global temperatures increase, glaciers melt and sea levels rise. Of the three, the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is the largest potential ...

Satellites track vanishing Antarctic ice - Wed 13 Jun 18

Monitoring Antarctica from space has revealed how its ice is being lost to the oceans, providing crucial insight into the continent's response to a warming climate.

Antarctic experts offer two possible views of continent's future - Wed 13 Jun 18

The next 10 years will be critical for the future of Antarctica, and choices made will have long-lasting consequences, says an international group of award-winning Antarctic research scientists ...

Ocean waves following sea ice loss trigger Antarctic ice shelf collapse - Wed 13 Jun 18

Storm-driven ocean swells have triggered the catastrophic disintegration of Antarctic ice shelves in recent decades, according to new research published in Nature today.

Antarctica ramps up sea level rise - Wed 13 Jun 18

Ice losses from Antarctica have increased global sea levels by 7.6 mm since 1992, with two fifths of this rise (3.0 mm) coming in the last five years alone.

Antarctica ramps up sea level rise, ScienceDaily - Wed 13 Jun 18

New insights into the contribution of land ice to sea level rise - Tue 12 Jun 18

A new study led by scientists from the University of Bristol has provided an up-to-date insight into the impact of melting land ice on sea levels.

Antarctica is losing an insane amount of ice. Nothing about this is good.

FOXNews - Thu 14 Jun 18

Antarctica has lost 3 trillion tons of ice in the past 25 years, and that ice loss has accelerated rapidly over the last five years.

Antarctica Is Losing An Insane Amount of Ice. Nothing About This Is Good., - Wed 13 Jun 18
Antarctica Is Losing Insane Amount of Ice. Nothing About This Is Good., Livescience - Wed 13 Jun 18

Antarctica is losing ice at an increasingly rapid rate

Engadget - Wed 13 Jun 18

Antarctica is losing ice at an increasingly rapid rate, according to a new study published today in Nature. More than 80 researchers from 42 international organizations presented findings ...

Epic Antarctic ice sheet melt speeding up sea level rise - CNET

CNET - Wed 13 Jun 18

NASA eyes rapidly growing ice losses from the Antarctic.

Latest estimate shows how much Antarctic ice has fallen into the sea

Ars Technica - Wed 13 Jun 18

Since 1992, the frozen continent has lost about 2.7 trillion tons of ice.

The Antarctic has lost three trillion tons of ice since 1992

ZME Science - Wed 13 Jun 18

It's an ungodly figure.

In 25 years, Antarctica lost enough ice to raise sea level by nearly 8 millimeters, research shows

L.A. Times - Wed 13 Jun 18

The Antarctic ice sheet lost nearly 3 trillion metric tons of ice from 1992 to 2017 and tripled its rate of loss over that time for West Antarctica, according to an international collaboration ...

Global warming is causing Antarctic ice to melt three times faster

Daily Mail - Wed 13 Jun 18

Ice losses from Antarctica have increased sea levels by almost 8mm (1/3 inch) since 1992, with two fifths of this rise coming in the last five years alone, researchers led by the University ...

Here’s how much Antarctica’s melting ice is already contributing to sea level rise - Tue 19 Jun 18

In July of last year, a 5,800-square-kilometer (2,239-square-mile) block of ice broke off of the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica and fell into the Southern Ocean. The newly created iceberg was ...

NASA glaciologist Jay Zwally puts the hammer down: ‘Antarctica is gaining ice’

Watts Up With That? - Fri 15 Jun 18

A new paper about to be in press, comes at the end of a flurry of papers and reports published this week that claims Antarctica was losing ice mass. Zwally says ice growth is anywhere from 50 ...

New Review of Antarctic Ice

NeuroLogica - Thu 14 Jun 18

A new review of the past few decades of satellite data published in the most recent edition of Nature tells the story of what is happening to ice on Antarctica. The result is probably exactly ...

Antarctic Ice Melt Rate Tripled Since 2012

Laboratory Equipment - Wed 13 Jun 18

NewsThe rate of Antarctic ice melt has tripled since 2012, according to a new study. The findings were compiled by the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise, comprised of 84 scientists ...

Antarctica hikes up sea level

ESA - Wed 13 Jun 18

In a major collaborative effort, scientists from around the world have used information from satellites to reveal that ice melting in Antarctica has not only raised sea levels by ...

Decades of satellite monitoring reveal Antarctic ice loss

ScienceDaily - Wed 13 Jun 18

Scientists have reviewed decades of satellite measurements to reveal how and why Antarctica's glaciers, ice shelves and sea ice are changing. Their report explains how ice shelf thinning and ...

Decades of satellite monitoring reveal Antarctic ice loss, Eurekalert - Wed 13 Jun 18

Ice loss in Antarctica is increasingly contributing to global sea level rise

Newswise - Wed 13 Jun 18

Loss of ice in Antarctica has caused global sea levels to rise by 7.6 millimeters since 1992, with 40 percent of the increase happening in just the past five years, according to a team of 84 ...