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The world’s biggest airplane has taken its first flight

MIT Technology Review - Mon 15 Apr 19

World’s largest plane completes maiden flight

Gizmag - Sun 14 Apr 19

The world's largest aircraft by wingspan and largest all-composite aircraft took to the air for the first time on Saturday as the Stratolaunch completed its maiden flight. At 6:58 am ...

In California, giant Stratolaunch jet flies for first time

TechXplore - Sun 14 Apr 19

A giant six-engine aircraft with the world's longest wingspan completed what company officials called a superb initial flight over California's Mojave Desert, bringing to life a dream held by ...

Plane with world's longest wingspan takes off for maiden flight

ABC Science - Sat 13 Apr 19

The giant six-engine Stratolaunch jet, with a 117-metre wingspan, is designed to launch small satellites while in the air and the test flight brings to life a dream ...

Stratolaunch, plane dreamed up by Paul Allen, just became the world’s largest airplane ever to fly

The Washington Post - Sat 13 Apr 19

Stratolaunch, the massive aircraft dreamed up by the late Paul Allen, flew for the first time on Saturday, becoming the largest plane by wingspan ever to take to the skies. Larger than Howard ...

What It Was Like to Fly the 'Roc' — Stratolaunch's Massive Rocket-Carrier Airplane - Wed 17 Apr 19

The pilot behind Stratolaunch's first flight of the world's largest plane on April 13 said the complex all-composite aircraft ran like clockwork during the 2.5-hour flight, a first for this ...

World’s largest aircraft flies for the first time

ZME Science - Mon 15 Apr 19

The huge aircraft is designed to send rockets to a high enough altitude from where they can then power themselves into space.

Stratolaunch, the world’s biggest airplane, takes flight

Arstechnica - Sun 14 Apr 19

Six-engine aircraft with a wingspan of 117 meters hit a top speed of 189mph.

World’s Biggest Airplane Takes Off For The First Time

Ubergizmo - Sun 14 Apr 19

Stratolaunch, a rocket launch company, has been working on the world’s largest airplane (by wingspan) for quite some time now. The airplane took off for the very first time on Saturday ...

World’s Largest Plane, Stratolaunch Roc Takes Flight Over California’s Mojave Desert

HotHardware - Sun 14 Apr 19

Stratolaunch is a company founded by the late Paul G. Allen that is trying to make it easier and less costly to put satellites into orbit. Sadly the late Paul Allen didn't live to see his dream ...

World's largest plane completes a successful first flight

Techspot - Sun 14 Apr 19

The Stratolaunch is 385 ft (117m) wide, 238 ft (73m) long and 50 ft (15m) tall. It weighs 500,000 pounds (250 tons) empty, but full of fuel and with a rocket payload, it can weigh as much as ...

World's largest plane makes first flight over California

Reuters Technology - Sat 13 Apr 19

The world's largest aircraft took off over the Mojave Desert in California on Saturday, the first flight for the carbon-composite plane built by Stratolaunch Systems Corp, started by late Microsoft ...

Stratolaunch, World's Largest-Ever Plane by Wingspan, Successfully Takes Off on Maiden Flight

Gizmodo - Sat 13 Apr 19

Stratolaunch, the world’s largest plane by wingspan and the brainchild of late Silicon Valley billionaire Paul Allen, finally took off at around 10:00 a.m. local time on Saturday for a two ...

Stratolaunch, the World's Biggest Aircraft, Makes Historic 1st Flight

Livescience - Sat 13 Apr 19

An odd-looking, double-bodied airplane with a wingspan as long as a football field just took to the skies today (April 13) from the Mojave Air & Space Port.

World’s Largest Aircraft Takes Flight for the First Time - Sat 13 Apr 19

A massive, six-engined mega jet with a wingspan greater than the length of an American football field and known as the world’s largest all-composite aircraft completed its first flight Saturday. ...

Stratolaunch, world's largest airplane, takes flight for first time - CNET

CNET - Sat 13 Apr 19

Paul Allen's rocket-launching dream plane takes to the skies at long last.

Stratolaunch completes the first flight of the world's largest airplane

Engadget - Sat 13 Apr 19

Stratolaunch is making some history even as it scales back its ambitions -- the company has successfully flown the world's largest aircraft, the Scaled Composites Stratolaunch, ...

Stratolaunch Just Flew the World's Largest Plane for the First Time - Sat 13 Apr 19

Stratolaunch, the private launch company founded by the late billionaire Paul Allen, has just flown the world's largest aircraft for the first time.

World’s biggest airplane takes flight for the first time ever

The Verge - Sat 13 Apr 19

The world’s largest airplane took flight for the first time ever on Saturday morning. Built by rocket launch company Stratolaunch, the 500,000-pound plane with a 385-foot wingspan ...

World’s largest all-composite aircraft makes successful maiden flight

The Engineer - Mon 15 Apr 19

The world’s largest all-composite aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight over the weekend, reaching altitudes up to 17,000 feet and conducting flight control manoeuvres. Designed ...

World’s largest plane makes first test flight

The Hindu - Sun 14 Apr 19

Stratolaunch is designed to carry and deploy satellites in space