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Astronomers Catch Water Erupting from Plumes on Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa

Discover Magazine - Wed 20 Nov 19

Astronomers made the first direct measurement of water vapor in Europa’s atmosphere. It's the best evidence yet for water plumes erupting from the icy moon.

Astronomers Catch Water Erupting from Plumes on Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa, Discover Magazine - Mon 18 Nov 19
Astronomers catch water erupting from plumes on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, - Mon 18 Nov 19

NASA scientists confirm water vapor on Europa - Tue 19 Nov 19

Forty years ago, a Voyager spacecraft snapped the first closeup images of Europa, one of Jupiter's 79 moons. These revealed brownish cracks slicing the moon's icy surface, which give Europa ...

NASA Scientists Confirm Water Vapor on Europa, Astrobiology Magazine - Tue 19 Nov 19
NASA scientists confirm water vapor on Europa, SpaceDaily - Mon 18 Nov 19

NASA Confirms Water Vapor Erupting from Europa

Extremetech - Tue 19 Nov 19

Some observations have shown geysers erupting from the moon, but we haven't been able to verify there was water there until now. NASA's Goddard Space Flight ...

NASA confirms liquid water is present under the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa

Daily Mail - Tue 19 Nov 19

NASA confirmed plume-like water vapor above Europa's surface, which were detected as a wavelength of emitted infrared light. Experts believe they could find an ocean under the surface.

It’s official: There’s water on Jupiter’s moon Europa

ZME Science - Tue 19 Nov 19

This is one of the most important findings of the decade.

NASA: Yeah, there's totally water vapor on Jupiter's moon Europa - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 18 Nov 19

We suspected it was there. Now we know for sure.

NASA detects water vapor on Jupiter’s moon Europa

FOXNews - Mon 18 Nov 19

An international research team led by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland has, for the first time, detected water vapor above the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa.

The Weird Plumes of Jupiter's Moon Europa Are Spewing Water Vapor - Mon 18 Nov 19

The Jupiter moon Europa's elusive and enigmatic water-vapor plumes do indeed seem to be real.

NASA Scientists Detect Water Vapor on Europa - Mon 18 Nov 19

Views of Europa snapped by the Voyager 1 spacecraft, the Voyager 2 spacecraft, and the Galileo spacecraft. NASA scientists recently confirmed the presence of water ...

Astronomers Detect Water Vapor Around Jupiter's Moon Europa

Wired Science - Tue 19 Nov 19

Scientists caught Europa spewing enough water vapor to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in minutes. But where is it coming from?