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This Is Where Hurricane Irma Will Hit Florida

TIME - Sat 9 Sep 17

The hurricane is no longer expected to hit Miami directly

Irma is looking more and more Tampa-bound, forecasters say - Sat 9 Sep 17

The National Hurricane Center says it's looking more likely that the eye of powerful Hurricane Irma will strike the Keys, southwestern Florida and the Tampa Bay region starting Sunday. But that ...

This Is Where Hurricane Irma Is Now

TIME - Sat 9 Sep 17

The storm made landfall in Cuba early Saturday morning as a category 5 hurricane

‘This Is a Life-Threatening Situation.’ Forecasters Warn of Irma’s Wrath

TIME - Sat 9 Sep 17

Meteorologists and hurricane experts had a dire message for Floridians Saturday: Hurricane Irma is strong enough to kill you

Key questions about Hurricane Irma on Saturday

Arstechnica - Sat 9 Sep 17

The storm remains an extremely dangerous hurricane for parts of Florida.

Hurricane Irma Barrels Toward Florida, Nowhere in FL Keys Safe

Livescience - Sat 9 Sep 17

Hurricane Irma weakened a bit as it delivered a hard blow to the north coast of Cuba, but experts anticipate the now-Category 4 hurricane will re-strengthen before slamming into the western ...

Where Will Hurricane Irma Make Landfall on the Florida Peninsula?

Livescience - Fri 8 Sep 17

Ferocious Hurricane Irma continues to roar through the Atlantic on its path toward the Florida Peninsula. Here's what meteorologists are forecasting for its landfall in the Sunshine State.

#IrmaHurricane2017 The Worst Case Scenario for Florida is about to become reality

Watts Up With That? - Fri 8 Sep 17

This is one of those posts I wish I didn’t have to make. Dr. Ryan Maue, hurricane expert and friend of WUWT has advised us that the worst case scenario is going to happen for Florida: ...