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Irma lost some oomph over Cuba before its assault on Florida - Mon 11 Sep 17

Before crashing into Florida, Hurricane Irma set all sorts of records for brute strength as it flattened Caribbean islands and swamped the Florida Keys. Irma's assault—so soon after Harvey's ...

A Late Weakening Dampened Hurricane Irma’s Power, But It Still Set Plenty of Records, TIME - Mon 11 Sep 17
Irma set records, but late weakening dampened some power, AP - Sun 10 Sep 17

Massive But Weakened, Hurricane Irma Is Now a Category 1 Storm

TIME - Mon 11 Sep 17

The massive hurricane zeroed in on the Tampa Bay region early Monday

Hurricane Irma Makes Second Landfall in Florida

TIME - Sun 10 Sep 17

Irma roared ashore at Marco Island, just south of Naples, with 115 mph winds

Tampa Bay seen as most vulnerable to hurricane - Sun 10 Sep 17

With its white sand beaches, high-rise hotels and millions living near sea level, the metropolitan area of Tampa Bay is considered among the most likely places in the United States to be devastated ...

What is storm surge and why is it so dangerous? - Sat 9 Sep 17

The biggest threat to human life during a hurricane is often the storm surge, which occurs when sea level rises dramatically during a storm, sending a wall of water gushing over land.

Florida Governor: Hurricane Irma Storm Surge ‘Will Cover Your House’

TIME - Sat 9 Sep 17

He says the storm is "going to go faster than you are"

Florida Governor: Hurricane Irma Will Be ‘Most Catastrophic Storm the State Has Ever Seen’

TIME - Sat 9 Sep 17

'You need to leave — not tonight, not in an hour, right now'

Irma Batters Florida, Could Retain Hurricane Strength Through Monday

Livescience - Sun 10 Sep 17

Experts predict that Irma will remain a hurricane though Monday morning (Sept. 11), and perhaps longer.

Hurricane Irma Makes Landfall in Keys; Deadly Surge in Store for SW Florida

Livescience - Sun 10 Sep 17

Hurricane Irma made its first U.S. landfall as a Category 4 storm in the Florida Keys Sunday morning. As Irma leaves the Keys and heads up along the west coast of Florida, it will cause catastrophic ...

A rare, destructive hurricane is coming to Florida today

Ars Technica - Sun 10 Sep 17

How Irma's pressure explains that viral video showing no water in the Bahamas?

Hurricane Irma Could Re-Strengthen Before Slamming into Florida

Livescience - Sat 9 Sep 17

Irma could make a run for Category 4 strength before landfall.

What Florida residents should expect from Hurricane Irma

Popular Science - Sat 9 Sep 17

Environment The storm is expected to strengthen again before hitting the coast. Time is running out for Florida residents as Irma approaches.

Hurricane Irma: Biggest Storm Surge Threat Along Florida's Southwest Coast

Livescience - Sat 9 Sep 17

As the forecasted path of Hurricane Irma has shifted westward, so has the biggest storm surge threat. Southwest Florida is now staring down the barrel of a surge of up to 15 feet. Prolonged ...

Hurricane expert Philip Klotzbach lists new records associated with hurricane #Irma

Watts Up With That? - Sat 9 Sep 17

Hurricane Irma Meteorological Records/Notable Facts Recap (through September 9 at 11am EDT) Note: Lifetime refers to storm lifetime to date (Edited for formatting) Intensity Measures 185 mph ...