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Image: Geology of the Victoria Quadrangle on Mercury - Mon 9 Oct 17

Mercury, the innermost planet of our solar system is a grey, barren world to our human eyes. In stark contrast, this map shows a portion of the surface in a patchwork of colour, each shade corresponding ...

Week in Images

ESA - Fri 13 Oct 17

Our week through the lens: 9-13 October 2017

Mercury map renders the innermost planet's geology in color

UPI - Mon 9 Oct 17

Scientists with the European Space Agency have rendered the dull, gray world of Mercury in bright colors as part of a new mapping effort.

Mercury map renders the innermost planet's geology in color, SpaceDaily - Thu 12 Oct 17

Patchwork geology

ESA - Mon 9 Oct 17

Space Science Image of the Week: This colourful patchwork maps geological features on Mercury, destination for our upcoming BepiColombo mission