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Secrets of hidden ice canyons revealed - Wed 11 Oct 17

We are all aware that Antarctica's ice shelves are thinning, but recently scientists have also discovered huge canyons cutting through the underbelly of these shelves, potentially making them ...

Secrets of hidden ice canyons revealed, ESA - Wed 11 Oct 17

Satellites spy Antarctic 'upside-down ice canyon'

BBC News - Wed 11 Oct 17

An Antarctic ice shelf is shown to have a deep gorge cut in its underside by warm ocean water.

Mysterious upside-down canyon revealed on underside of Antarctic ice

FOXNews - Fri 13 Oct 17

A mysterious world of upside-down canyons crisscrosses the underbelly of Antarctica's ice shelves.

Satellite Finds Hidden Upside-Down Canyon on Underside of Antarctic Ice - Thu 12 Oct 17

These upside-down canyons could contribute to the melt and collapse of Antarctica's floating expanses of ice.

Hidden Upside-Down Canyon Revealed on Underside of Antarctic Ice, Livescience - Thu 12 Oct 17

Huge CANYONS on the underside Antarctic ice shelef

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Oct 17

Researchers from the European Space Agency detected the enormous canyons when studying the Dotson ice shelf in Western Antarctica using the CryoSat and Sentinel-1 satellites.