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Coral reefs head for 'knock-out punch'

BBC News - Thu 4 Jan 18

Repeat bouts of warmer seawater are posing a significant challenge to the world's tropical corals.

Worldwide coral bleaching has sped up dramatically in 30 years

Cosmos Magazine - Thu 4 Jan 18

International data predicts annual reef bleaching is a real possibility. Tanya Loos reports.

The window for saving the world's coral reefs is rapidly closing - Thu 4 Jan 18

The world's reefs are under siege from global warming, according to a novel study published today in the prestigious journal Science.

The window for saving the world's coral reefs is rapidly closing, ScienceDaily - Thu 4 Jan 18

The death knell already sounded for coral reefs, it’s time to save anything we can

ZME Science - Fri 5 Jan 18

The oceans will be the less without them.

Global warming bleaching coral reefs and harming ecosystem

Daily Mail - Fri 5 Jan 18

Research from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Australia looked at the worldwide impact of global warming on coral bleaching.

Window to Save World's Coral Reefs Closing Rapidly

National Geographic - Thu 4 Jan 18

Coral reefs are bleaching way more frequently because of global warming

The Verge - Thu 4 Jan 18

Corals are bleaching more and more often around the world because of warming ocean waters, a new study shows. Since bleaching can cause corals to die, this means that coral reefs ...

Coral reefs under siege: Frequency of bleaching has increased almost fivefold since the '80s

USA today - Thu 4 Jan 18

Almost every coral reef on the planet has been affected by bleaching, study shows.        

Reef bleaching five times more frequent now than in the 1980s, study finds - Thu 4 Jan 18

Coral bleaching has accelerated to a clip at which established reefs can no longer keep up, reports a team of scientists Thursday in the journal Science. Severe bleaching can blot out the color ...

Coral Immigrants Provide Hope for Reefs Facing Climate Change

Newswise - Sun 7 Jan 18

New models identify factors that put coral reefs at risk of extinction in the face of climate change, and suggest that facilitating migration of corals could allow reefs to adapt. The results ...