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Not dead, just chilling: Why iguanas are falling out of trees

BBC News - Fri 5 Jan 18

Plummeting temperatures in the US are playing havoc with the reptiles.

Watch for Falling Iguanas! Bomb Cyclone Drops Frozen Lizards

Livescience - Fri 5 Jan 18

It's snowing iguanas in Florida. The good news is they probably aren't dead.

Cold Florida temps causing iguanas to 'freeze,' fall out of trees

FOXNews - Fri 5 Jan 18

It's so cold in Florida that iguanas are falling from their perches in suburban trees.

Florida’s iguanas falling from trees in cold snap - Fri 5 Jan 18

Unusually low temperatures across the U.S. are getting to some of the animals in the south, particularly in Florida. On Thursday and Friday, social media was filled with warnings from southern ...

Frozen iguanas are falling off trees in Florida

Inhabitat - Fri 5 Jan 18

When frigid temperatures hit Florida, most humans can go inside, snuggle up, and wait it out. Not so the iguanas. According to report from Local residents, the reptiles were falling off trees ...