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25-year study shows sea level rise is accelerating

Gizmag - Tue 13 Feb 18

A team of scientists has studied 25 years' worth of satellite data, and calculated that the sea level isn't rising at a steady rate, it's accelerating. If the trend continues, the total ...

Research team detects an acceleration in the 25-year satellite sea level record - Mon 12 Feb 18

Global sea level rise is not cruising along at a steady 3 mm per year, it's accelerating a little every year, like a driver merging onto a highway, according to a powerful new assessment led ...

Yes, sea level rise really is accelerating

Arstechnica - Tue 13 Feb 18

It is now apparent even in the short 25-year-long satellite record.

Sea-level rise accelerating around the world

USA today - Tue 13 Feb 18

At the current rate of melting, the world's seas will be at least 2 feet higher by the end of the century compared to today.        

Satellites show warming is accelerating sea level rise

FOXNews - Tue 13 Feb 18

WASHINGTON (AP) — Melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are speeding up the already fast pace of sea level rise, new satellite research shows.

Satellites Show Warming is Accelerating Sea Level Rise, Laboratory Equipment - Tue 13 Feb 18

Sea level rise is accelerating

ZME Science - Tue 13 Feb 18

A study using satellite data found that not only are sea levels rising — but the rate of growth is accelerating. Steve Nerem, a professor of aerospace engineering sciences at the University ...

Sea levels set to rise double previous estimates

Daily Mail - Mon 12 Feb 18

An team of US researchers, including the University of Colorado, analysed satellite altimeter measurements since 1992, including data taken from the current Jason-3 satellite mission. ...

Using satellite data, researchers say sea levels could rise by half an inch a year by the end of the century, which is double current projections.

Discovery News - Mon 12 Feb 18

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesLeaders in coastal cities from New York to Shanghai are debating how to handle rising sea waters. New research suggests they have less time than ...

Claim: Global Sea Level Rise is Accelerating

Watts Up With That? - Mon 19 Feb 18

There’s been a lot of buzz about this new paper from Nerem et al (see link in references below) where they claim to find global sea level rise acceleration over the past 25 years. I provide ...

SEA LEVEL: Rise and Fall – Part 4a – Getting Even More of a Rise Out of Nothing

Watts Up With That? - Thu 15 Feb 18

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen (h/t Steve Case and Dave Burton)   Prologue:  I have been writing recently about Sea Level Rise, both as particular local examples (  Guam,  Canton,  Miami, ...

Sea level rise is accelerating, new research shows

UPI - Tue 13 Feb 18

New research shows sea level rise isn't constant but accelerating. According to the new calculation, sea levels will rise an average of 26 inches by 2100.

New research reveals that sea levels could rise 1.5 inches every year

Inhabitat - Tue 13 Feb 18

You know how we've been freaking out about how quickly global warming is causing ice to melt and sea levels to rise? Turns out, we weren't panicking nearly enough. New satellite data shows that ...

New study finds sea level rise accelerating

Eurekalert - Tue 13 Feb 18

Global sea level rise has been accelerating in recent decades, rather than increasing steadily, according to a new study based on 25 years of NASA and European satellite data.

Sea level rise accelerating: acceleration in 25-year satellite sea level record

ScienceDaily - Mon 12 Feb 18

Global sea level rise is not cruising along at a steady rate per year, but rather accelerating a little every year like a driver merging onto a highway.