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Nasa to hold major announcement about new Curiosity discovery on Mars

The Independent - Wed 6 Jun 18

Agency is being very secretive about what has been discovered on Red Planet

Curiosity's onboard labs back in action after a year offline

Gizmag - Mon 4 Jun 18

After 18 months, NASA's Curiosity Mars rover's onboard laboratories are back online. Thanks to over a year's work by engineers at the space agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in ...

NASA Hacked a Fix For Mars Rover's Broken Drill

Discover Magazine - Mon 4 Jun 18

After suffering more than a year with a broken drill, NASA’s 5-year-old Mars rover Curiosity is now collecting and analyzing samples once again. The drill sits at the end of Curiosity’s ...

NASA Hacked a Fix For Mars Rover’s Broken Drill, - Tue 5 Jun 18

Mars Curiosity's labs are back in action - Mon 4 Jun 18

NASA's Curiosity rover is analyzing drilled samples on Mars in one of its onboard labs for the first time in more than a year.

Mars Curiosity's Labs Are Back in Action, SpaceDaily - Tue 5 Jun 18

Live stream: NASA unveils Curiosity Rover's findings from Mars

USA today - Thu 7 Jun 18

NASA will host a discussion on new science results from its Mars Curiosity Rover on Thursday, June 7th.        

NASA's Mars MacGyvers get rover's stalled rock lab rolling - CNET

CNET - Tue 5 Jun 18

The Curiosity rover is once again able to analyze pulverized bits of Mars.

What has NASA's Curiosity found on Mars?

FOXNews - Tue 5 Jun 18

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has apparently found something intriguing on Mars, and the space agency will unveil the discovery Thursday (June 7).

What Has NASA's Curiosity Found on Mars? We'll Find Out Thursday, - Mon 4 Jun 18

Nasa confirms it will make a major announcement about Mars this week

Daily Mail - Tue 5 Jun 18

The US space agency will hold a press conference on Thursday to announce ‘new science results from Nasa's Mars Curiosity rover’, which is on the red planet searching for evidence of life. ...

Mars Curiosity rover's labs are working, testing samples again

UPI - Tue 5 Jun 18

The mini testing labs built into the core of NASA's Curiosity rover are back up and running, testing rock samples collected by its newly functional drill.

NASA Curiosity rover analysing Mars rocks again

The Hindu - Tue 5 Jun 18

This is a major milestone for the mission, say scientists