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Microsoft deploys underwater data center off the coast of Scotland

Gizmag - Thu 7 Jun 18

Water-cooling systems have long been used to keep computers from overheating, but how do you scale that up for huge data centers? According to Microsoft, you drop the data center to ...

Microsoft‘s throwing its servers in the sea to keep them cool

MIT Technology Review - Wed 6 Jun 18

Microsoft sinks deep sea data centre off Orkney, Tech - Wed 6 Jun 18

Microsoft sinks data centre off Scottish archipelago - Wed 6 Jun 18

US tech giant Microsoft has submerged a data centre off the Orkney archipelago in northern Scotland in a project to save on the energy used to cool the servers on land, the firm said Wednesday.

European astronaut set to command ISS launches on Soyuz

BBC News - Wed 6 Jun 18

The next European commander of the International Space Station has just blasted off into orbit.

New crew blasts off for ISS - Wed 6 Jun 18

A relatively inexperienced crew of two astronauts and a cosmonaut blasted off Wednesday from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for a five-month mission on the International Space Station.

New crew blasts off for ISS, SpaceDaily - Wed 6 Jun 18

Eco-friendly internet: Microsoft sinks data centre off Scottish coast in 'crazy experiment'

The Independent - Wed 6 Jun 18

'Data centres are the backbone of the internet'

Why Microsoft wants to put data centers at the bottom of the ocean

TechCrunch - Fri 8 Jun 18

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the second phase of Project Natick, a research experiment that aims to understand the benefits and challenges of deploying large-scale data centers under ...

Microsoft's underwater cloud: First subsea datacenter launched off the coast of Scotland

Daily Mail - Wed 6 Jun 18

Microsoft’s 40-foot-long Northern Isles datacenter sits roughly 116 feet beneath the surface, resting on seafloor near Scotland’s Orkney Islands to process workloads.

Microsoft Deploys Project Natick Self-Sustaining Underwater Data Center Off Scottish Coast

HotHardware - Wed 6 Jun 18

Microsoft is doing something that sounds very strange at first glance; it has taken a fully functional data center and sunk it into the dark ocean depths. The data center is crammed inside ...

Microsoft plunges self-sufficient data center into sea off Scotland - CNET

CNET - Wed 6 Jun 18

The second stage of green tech-focused Project Natick goes down where it's wetter.

Microsoft submerges a data center off the coast of Scotland

Techspot - Wed 6 Jun 18

Project Natick began several years ago as a moonshot at Microsoft to build an underwater data center. After initial research and development phases, a three-month trial was conducted in the ...

Microsoft’s deep sea data center is now operational

Engadget - Wed 6 Jun 18

Data centers are hot, noisy and usually inefficiently located. Microsoft's solution? Put them at the bottom of the sea. Following initial prototype testing, the company's ...

Watch three astronauts launch to the International Space Station this morning

The Verge - Wed 6 Jun 18

This morning, three astronauts are launching inside a Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station, where they’ll stay for the next five and a half months. NASA astronaut ...

Microsoft sinks a data center off the Scottish coast

The Verge - Wed 6 Jun 18

Microsoft has placed a data center in the Scottish sea to determine whether it can save energy by cooling it in the sea. Data centers typically generate a lot of heat, and big providers ...

Microsoft’s Wild New Project Puts Servers at the Bottom of the Ocean

SingularityHub - Sun 10 Jun 18

Last week, a few miles off the northern coast of Scotland, a cylinder the size of a shipping container was carefully lowered to the bottom of the ocean floor. Sounds like a clever (if complex) ...

Microsoft sinks huge self-sustaining data center off the Scottish coast

Techradar - Wed 6 Jun 18

Project Natick explores the idea that the internet's backbone can exist underwater.

Microsoft just sunk a data center into the sea

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 6 Jun 18

Microsoft wants to see if submerging data centers into oceans can make them more energy efficient. Nope, James Cameron won’t be making a blockbuster about this one day. The sinking of ...

NanoRacks Complete Barrios Protein Crystal Growth Operations on Space Station

SpaceDaily - Tue 5 Jun 18

Houston TX (SPX) Jun 05, 2018 Early last week, NanoRacks worked with International Space Station crew member Ricky Arnold to complete the first phase of the Barrios Protein Crystal Growth ...