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Hurricanes Are Slowing Down and Leaving More Damage When They Hit Land

TIME - Wed 6 Jun 18

Hurricane Harvey is a devastating example of the trend

Tropical cyclones have slowed over the last 70 years

ScienceNews - Wed 6 Jun 18

Tropical cyclones are moving 10 percent slower, on average, than they did in the mid-20th century.

Across the world, cyclones are creeping more slowly

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 6 Jun 18

Hurricane winds are speeding up, but the storms themselves are getting sluggish. Michael Lucy reports.

Unhurried hurricanes: Study says tropical cyclones slowing - Wed 6 Jun 18

Tropical cyclones around the world are moving slightly slower over land and water, dumping more rain as they stall, just as Hurricane Harvey did last year, a new study found.

Hurricanes are moving more slowly than they used to

Ars Technica - Mon 11 Jun 18

Record shows a trend that could mean higher storm rainfall totals.

Study: Hurricanes are slowing down as climate warms, increasing flood threats

USA today - Wed 6 Jun 18

Hurricanes are slowing down worldwide, a new study reports. While this sounds like good news, it isn’t: It’s not that hurricanes’ wind speeds are diminishing, but instead ...

Tropical cyclones are slowing down due to global warming

Daily Mail - Wed 6 Jun 18

A scientist from the NCEI, based in North Carolina, has discovered that tropical cyclones have slowed down by ten per cent in the last 70 years, increasing the risk of floods and storm damage. ...

Hurricanes Are Moving Slower—And That's a Huge Problem

National Geographic - Wed 6 Jun 18

When tropical cyclones slow, they drop far more rain, sparking even more devastating floods. Future climate change is expected to slow them still more.

Claim: Hurricanes are slowing down, and that’s bad news

Watts Up With That? - Fri 8 Jun 18

From the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON and the “yes but we need Category 6 now due to violently increased wind speeds” department comes this gloom and doom study. MADISON, Wis. ...

Hurricanes are slowing down, causing more damage in coastal communities

UPI - Wed 6 Jun 18

A scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has found a link between global warming and the speed of hurricanes.

Hurricanes are slowing down, and that's bad news

ScienceDaily - Fri 8 Jun 18

Some hurricanes are moving more slowly, spending increased time over land and leading to catastrophic local rainfall and flooding, according to a new study.

Hurricanes are slowing down, and that's bad news, Eurekalert - Thu 7 Jun 18
Hurricanes are slowing down, and that's bad news, Newswise - Thu 7 Jun 18