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Israeli group announces plans for February 2019 Moon landing

Gizmag - Tue 10 Jul 18

Israel has put in its bid to be the fourth nation to reach the Moon and the first privately-funded mission to do so. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the nonprofit SpaceIL today ...

Israeli unmanned spacecraft to land on Moon in 2019

BBC News - Tue 10 Jul 18

It will be the first privately-funded unmanned spacecraft to land on the lunar surface.

Israel plans first lunar space mission in December - Tue 10 Jul 18

An Israeli organisation announced plans Tuesday to launch the country's first spacecraft to the moon in December, with hopes of burnishing Israel's reputation as a small nation with otherworldly ...

Israel Aims to Launch Moon Lander in December - Wed 11 Jul 18

The first-ever Israeli moon mission will launch before the end of the year, if all goes according to plan.

Israel to launch its first spacecraft to the moon

FOXNews - Tue 10 Jul 18

Israel announced Tuesday that it will launch its first lunar mission in December 2018, hoping to become the fourth country to land on the moon, following the U.S., Russia and China.

Israel plans to launch moon mission on SpaceX rocket this year - CNET

CNET - Tue 10 Jul 18

The Israeli flag may soon fly on the moon.

Israel unveils plan to launch the 'smallest spacecraft ever to land on the moon'

Daily Mail - Tue 10 Jul 18

The craft, which is shaped like a round table with four carbon fiber legs, is set to blast off in December from Florida's Cape Canaveral aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It should reach the ...

Israel plans to land unmanned spacecraft on moon in February

Reuters - Tue 10 Jul 18

An Israeli non-profit group plans to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon in February in the first landing of its kind since 2013.