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Court orders ban on harmful pesticide, says EPA violated law - Thu 9 Aug 18

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the Trump administration endangered public health by keeping the widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos (clor-PEER-i-fos) on the market despite extensive ...

Federal judges finally just order the EPA to ban a dangerous pesticide

Popular Science - Mon 13 Aug 18

Environment The agency concluded it might be unsafe back in 2016. Federal judges last week ordered the agency to ban chlorpyrifos, a widespread pesticide derived from chemicals ...

US government ordered to ban chlorpyrifos insecticide

Chemistry World - Mon 13 Aug 18

Court gives EPA 60 days to finalise a ban, which was proposed under Obama but reversed by the Trump administration

California Court Bans Pesticide, Says Trump Admin Endangered Public Health

KQED Science - Thu 9 Aug 18

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to remove chlorpyrifos from sale in the United States within 60 days.

U.S. appeals court orders EPA to ban pesticide said to harm children

Reuters - Thu 9 Aug 18

A divided federal appeals court on Thursday ordered the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban a widely-used pesticide that critics say can harm children and farmers.

Court orders EPA to ban pesticide that causes learning disabilities in children

Inhabitat - Fri 10 Aug 18

After over a decade of fighting, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has finally scored a victory in securing the ban of the pesticide chlorpyrifos. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ...

Court Rules EPA Must Ban Sales of Pesticide

WebMD - Fri 10 Aug 18

Even tiny levels of exposure to chlorpyrifos can damage babies' brains, research shows.

Appeals Court Wants EPA Needs To Ban Chlorpyrifos, Without Seeing Any Data

Science 2.0 - Thu 9 Aug 18

Environmental trial lawyers are thrilled that the politically friendly 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California read more

Trump Administration Endangered Public Health By Keeping Pesticide On Market, Appeals Court Rules

Kaiser Health News - Fri 10 Aug 18

The court has ordered the EPA to ban chlorpyrifos, which can damage children's neurodevelopment. A coalition of farmworkers and environmental groups sued last year after then-EPA chief Scott ...