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To Ultima Thule! What NASA’s New Horizons has planned for the holiday season

Cosmos Magazine - Thu 20 Sep 18

A rendezvous with a tiny distant rock has mission scientists biting their knuckles. Richard A Lovett reports.

NASA's Solar Parker Probe snaps first image on its way to "touch the Sun"

Gizmag - Thu 20 Sep 18

Following a successful launch last month that set it on a path to rendezvous with the Sun, NASA's Solar Parker Probe has fired up its scientific instruments for the first time. This first-light ...

Solar Orbiter: Spacecraft to leave UK bound for the Sun

BBC News - Mon 17 Sep 18

UK engineers finish building a satellite that will carry cameras closer to the Sun than ever before.

Space observatory surrounded by alien conspiracies says it shut down because of a 'threat'

The Independent - Mon 17 Sep 18

Facility was raided by agents who descended from blackhawk helicopters and said very little to police

New Mexico observatory closed for security reasons to reopen - Mon 17 Sep 18

An observatory in the mountains of southern New Mexico that had been closed since early September because of an undisclosed security concern is scheduled to reopen on Monday, officials managing ...

New Mexico observatory closed for 'security issue' to reopen, FOXNews - Sun 16 Sep 18

Few details fuel speculation about US observatory's closure - Fri 14 Sep 18

An observatory in the mountains of southern New Mexico that is dedicated unlocking the mysteries of the sun has found itself at the center of a mystery that is creating a buzz here on earth.

A new space probe will study the sun’s corona and the solar wind

The Economist - Fri 14 Sep 18

Set the controls for a part of the sun

Alien conspiracy theories swirl after FBI evacuates space observatory and refuses to say why

The Independent - Thu 13 Sep 18

'There was a lot of stuff going on up there'

After Pluto, New Horizons probe draws near to its next target: Ultima Thule

FOXNews - Mon 24 Sep 18

Don't sleep on NASA's New Horizons spacecraft.

After Pluto, New Horizons Probe Draws Near to Its Next Target: Ultima Thule, - Fri 21 Sep 18

Solar observatory closure wasn't a conspiracy, but it was creepy - CNET

CNET - Thu 20 Sep 18

A search warrant reveals why the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was mysteriously evacuated.

Child-Porn Investigation Caused New Mexico Observatory Closure: Report

Livescience - Thu 20 Sep 18

An FBI investigation into child pornography caused the peculiar closure of a New Mexico solar observatory earlier this month, according to the news agency Reuters.

Child-Porn Investigation Caused New Mexico Observatory Closure: Report, - Thu 20 Sep 18

Devastating solar storm a matter of 'when, not if' warns Met Office

Daily Mail - Tue 18 Sep 18

Solar storms - high-speed streams of radioactive particles that fire from the sun - pose a threat to national infrastructure, UK industry and the wider public, according to the Met Office. ...

Sunspot Solar Observatory is finally re-opening after mysterious shutdown

Daily Mail - Mon 17 Sep 18

The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, which manages the facility, said that all employees will be allowed to return this week, after investigating 'criminal activity.' ...

New Mexico Solar Observatory Re-Opening Monday After Criminal Investigation - Mon 17 Sep 18

The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico will re-open Monday (Sept. 17). It had been closed for 10 days while authorities conducted a criminal investigation.

It’s been a week since a solar observatory was mysteriously closed — and we still don’t know why

ZME Science - Mon 17 Sep 18

Everyone loves a good mystery, but this is just weird.

New Mexico observatory set to reopen after temporary closure over undisclosed security issue

FOXNews - Mon 17 Sep 18

A New Mexico observatory that was temporarily shut down over an undisclosed security issue is set to reopen Monday after its closure sparked wide-ranging theories, officials said.

Aliens sadly not to blame for closure of New Mexico solar observatory - CNET

CNET - Sun 16 Sep 18

Sorry alien watchers, the mysterious closure of the Sunspot Solar Observatory is not part of a massive FBI conspiracy.

Unexplained 'Security Issue' Keeps National Solar Observatory Facility Shuttered

Livescience - Fri 14 Sep 18

It's been more than a week, and a National Solar Observatory (NSO) facility in New Mexico is still closed for an undisclosed "security issue."

Unexplained 'Security Issue' Keeps National Solar Observatory Facility Shuttered, - Fri 14 Sep 18

Sunspot says mercury spill isn't behind mystery evacuation, insists they have NOT encountered aliens

Daily Mail - Fri 14 Sep 18

Some people have suggested that the facility suffered a leak at its Richard B. Dunn Solar Telescope, which relies on a mercury float bearing. Others suspect aliens are to blame.

New Mexico observatory's sudden closure sparks wild speculation

FOXNews - Fri 14 Sep 18

The temporary closure of a New Mexico observatory last week sparked wide-ranging theories, especially after reports that federal authorities were involved.

Solar observatory finally releases statement a week after it shut down to address 'security issue'

Daily Mail - Thu 13 Sep 18

The Sunspot Solar Observatory tweeted a link to its statement on Thursday Sept 13, exactly a week after the initial shutdown. It addressed the 'excitement' garnered by the shutdown. ...

Stunning footage shows the northern lights bursting with colour over Lapland

Daily Mail - Thu 13 Sep 18

The incredible footage, which was shot by professional photographer Jani Ylinampa above Luosto in Finland, shows the stunning natural spectacle at its best.

Mysterious observatory evacuation stirs alien conspiracy theories - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 12 Sep 18

The FBI showed up and evacuated the remote Sunspot solar observatory in southern New Mexico. Almost a week later, no one knows why.

Hole in Sun's atmosphere amps up Northern Lights

FOXNews - Wed 12 Sep 18

The northern lights just got a boost thanks to a big hole in the sun's atmosphere, and there could be something of a repeat showing tonight.

Hole in Sun's Atmosphere Amps Up Northern Lights, - Tue 11 Sep 18

National Solar Observatory shuts down over mysterious 'security issue' as geomagnetic storm looms

Daily Mail - Wed 12 Sep 18

The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, NM has been closed since last Thursday, along with the nearby post office, but employees and local law enforcement have no idea why.

A Solar Storm Is Coming Tonight — Here's Where You Might See the Aurora

Livescience - Tue 11 Sep 18

An alert released yesterday (Sept. 10) warns of a moderate geomagnetic storm that will lash the planet tonight. It shouldn't be dangerous, but might bring auroras.

Intense solar activity can threaten telecommunications systems and electricity grids.

Discovery News - Tue 11 Sep 18

Credit: David Tyler/Barcroft Media via Getty ImagesBack in September 1859, a massive solar storm called the Carrington Event triggered a coronal mass ejection, which produced ...

Solar storm that could damage power supplies is set to slam the Earth's atmosphere TODAY 

Daily Mail - Tue 11 Sep 18

Scientists say that a huge hole has opened up in the sun's corona, with auroras set to cover swathes of North America and the UK.

Closure of National Solar Observatory explained

Watts Up With That? - Thu 20 Sep 18

And it isn’t what anyone thought in previous speculations, which included aliens, strange celestial objects, NASA’s recent launch of a solar probe, or a mercury spill from the “float ...

NASA Talks Kuiper Belt Flyby on New Year’s Day

Laboratory Equipment - Wed 19 Sep 18

NewsOn New Year’s Day, the New Horizons spacecraft will venture into uncharted territory at the farthest reaches of the solar system.Staff Author: Seth AugensteinTopics: Space

WEIRD: FBI closes National Solar Observatory over mysterious ‘security issue’

Watts Up With That? - Wed 12 Sep 18

Solar telescope facility, and nearby U.S. Post Office shut down – Blackhawk helicopters seen on site This is weird. The National Solar Observatory has a singular mission, or so we’re ...

Solar Orbiter to leave factory for testing

SpaceDaily - Tue 18 Sep 18

London, UK (SPX) Sep 18, 2018 The UK-built Solar Orbiter is preparing to leave the Airbus factory in Stevenage to travel to Germany for testing, ahead of its launch in 2020 from Cape Canaveral ...