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Space cleanup net successfully captures first "debris" in orbit

Gizmag - Wed 19 Sep 18

Technology designed to clean up space has captured its first bit of simulated space debris in orbit. Part of the RemoveDEBRIS mission led the the University of Surrey, a cubesat designated ...

A cloud-covered world

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 19 Sep 18

Between serious duties, an astronaut finds time for photography and electronic music.

Hurricane rating system fails to account for deadly rain - Tue 18 Sep 18

When meteorologists downgraded Hurricane Florence from a powerful Category 4 storm to a Category 2 and then a Category 1, Wayne Mills figured he could stick it out.

Hurricane Florence Is Exposing Major Problems With How We Categorize Storms

TIME - Fri 14 Sep 18

Florence was technically downgraded, but it's still a life-threatening hurricane

UK will be kicked out of EU programme that keeps it safe from space debris hurtling towards Earth in event of no-deal Brexit, government warns

The Independent - Thu 13 Sep 18

Programme would be responsible for warning the country if a satellite was dropping towards the Earth

Video: Staring down Hurricane Florence - Thu 13 Sep 18

"Ever stared down the gaping eye of a category 4 hurricane? It's chilling, even from space," says European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex), who is currently living and working ...

China appears to be accelerating development of a super-heavy lift rocket

Ars Technica - Wed 19 Sep 18

The Long March 9 rocket would be on par with the Saturn V booster.

Did a 'downgraded' Florence contribute to a false sense of security?

USA today - Wed 19 Sep 18

The famed 1 to 5 Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, which only measures wind speed, may not the best way to gauge a storm's ferocity, experts say. Hurricane Florence was 'downgraded,' ...

See if you can find the Great Wall of China in this ISS image - CNET

CNET - Mon 17 Sep 18

A view from the International Space Station view puts the landmark into perspective.

New Videos Show Hurricane Florence Ready to Unleash Its Fury on US East Coast - Thu 13 Sep 18

Hurricane Florence, now a Category 2 storm, is slowly approaching the U.S. coast, and the storm's massive fury is on full display in video footage taken from the International Space Station.

Satellites Track, Illustrate Incoming Hurricane Florence - Thu 13 Sep 18

Hurricane Florence, the Category 2 storm heading straight for my parents’ South Carolina house, has the country on high alert. But between evacuations and storm shutter installations, ...

Stunning space photos show 'nightmare' Hurricane Florence swirling over the Atlantic

FOXNews - Wed 12 Sep 18

Incredible images captured from the International Space Station show Hurricane Florence barreling toward the U.S. East Coast.

Hurricane Florence Shifts Course, Will Make a 'Grand Tour' of Southeastern States

Livescience - Wed 12 Sep 18

Hurricane Florence is changing course, according to new models released today.

'Nightmare' Hurricane Florence Poses Far-Reaching Dangers

Livescience - Wed 12 Sep 18

Hurricane Florence is on track to blast the southeastern U.S. coast with ferocious winds and rain, but it may also swamp hog manure pits and coal ash dumps, spreading their toxins; as well as ...

Hurricane Florence Is a 'No-Kidding Nightmare' in These New Astronaut Photos - Wed 12 Sep 18

Hurricane Florence, on its way across the Atlantic Ocean toward North Carolina, dominates photos and video from the International Space Station, where astronauts are using wide-angle lenses ...

Hurricane Florence

ESA - Thu 13 Sep 18

Views of Hurricane Florence taken by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station