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Russia, US address ISS leak in joint statement

Gizmag - Sat 15 Sep 18

Over two weeks after an air leak was detected and sealed aboard a Soyuz TMA capsule berthed with the International Space Station (ISS), NASA and the Russian space Agency, Roscosmos, have ...

Heads of Russian Space Agency and NASA Agree Not to Speculate on Cause of Mysterious Space Station Leak

TIME - Thu 13 Sep 18

The leak was spotted last month in a Russian spacecraft docked at the station

Roscosmos and NASA chiefs discuss mysterious space leak - Thu 13 Sep 18

The Russian space agency's chief has talked to his NASA counterpart about a mysterious leak at the International Space Station.

More evidence of 'drilling' has been found aboard the International Space Station, Russia claims

Daily Mail - Fri 14 Sep 18

Traces of drilling have now been discovered not only inside the spacecraft's living compartment, but also 'on the screen of the anti-meteorite shield', Russian space agency sources have claimed. ...

Weird ISS leak brings NASA, Roscosmos leaders together for first time - CNET

CNET - Thu 13 Sep 18

Russia and the US are parleying about that mystery hole in the space station.

Russian Space Agency to NASA: Investigation Into Space Station Leak Is Under Way - Thu 13 Sep 18

Two weeks after astronauts and cosmonauts repaired an air leak at the International Space Station, investigators are still trying to figure out how the tiny hole got there.

NASA is trying to squash conspiracy theories about the space station leak

The Verge - Thu 13 Sep 18

Wild theories of sabotage still persist two weeks after a mysterious pressure leak occurred on the International Space Station, and the gossip has gotten so nonsensical that both ...

Russian space industry source says no new leaks found at ISS

SpaceDaily - Fri 14 Sep 18

Moscow (Sputnik) Sep 14, 2018 The space crew at the International Space Station (ISS) has not found any new holes caused by an alleged drilling impact at the Soyuz spacecraft docked to the ...