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Giant, jagged 'ice spikes' cover Jupiter's moon Europa, new study suggests - Tue 9 Oct 18

If you're planning a trip to Jupiter's moon Europa, be prepared for a rough landing.

Europa Lander Could be Greeted by Massive Ice Spikes

Discover Magazine - Mon 8 Oct 18

Jupiter’s icy moon Europa has come into the spotlight as one of the likeliest places in the solar system to find Earth-like life. Scientists believe that beneath its icy shell lurks a liquid ...

Jupiter's moon Europa has huge shards of ice that could stop us finding aliens who live there, scientists warn

The Independent - Mon 8 Oct 18

The towering blades and spikes could kill any spacecraft that tried to land on the surface

Jupiter’s moon Europa may have a belt of 15-metre-tall ice spikes

Newscientist - Mon 8 Oct 18

Landing on Jupiter’s moon Europa will be even harder than we thought due to a forbidding belt of huge ice spikes that could trap or incapacitate a spacecraft

Spiky ice spires may stud the equator of Jupiter’s moon Europa

ScienceNews - Mon 8 Oct 18

Fields of jagged ice spires, if they exist, could affect where future spacecraft land on the Jovian moon.

Europa Might Have 50-Foot Spikes on Its Surface that Could Destroy Visiting Spacecraft

Livescience - Tue 9 Oct 18

It's almost as if Europa has something it doesn't want us to see.

Jupiter moon Europa's jagged ice towers could imperil robot landers

FOXNews - Tue 9 Oct 18

Exploring the tropics of Jupiter's ocean moon Europa would be no walk on the beach.

Jupiter Moon Europa's Jagged Ice Towers Could Imperil Robot Landers, - Mon 8 Oct 18

Giant Ice Spikes on Europa Could Endanger Future Landers

Extremetech - Tue 9 Oct 18

A new analysis of the conditions on Europa says we could encounter pointy spears of ice on the surface up to 50 feet tall, which may skewer any lander unlucky enough to come down in the wrong ...

Ice spikes on Europa could be threatening for future missions

ZME Science - Mon 8 Oct 18

An ice penitence in outer space.

Giant, jagged 'ice spikes' cover Jupiter's moon Europa, new study suggests

USA today - Mon 8 Oct 18

In a study released Monday, scientists say they've found evidence of huge, jagged "ice spikes," some 50 feet tall, on the moon's surface.        

Fifty-foot-tall ice spikes might make it hard to land on Europa

Popular Science - Mon 8 Oct 18

Space There's still a lot to learn about the surface of Jupiter's moon Blades of ice the height of five-story buildings might cover the equatorial belt of Jupiter's moon Europa, ...

Huge blades of ice 50 ft tall found on Jupiter's frozen moon Europa

Daily Mail - Mon 8 Oct 18

Lead author Dr Daniel Hobley from Cardiff University says landing a spacecraft on the mysterious waterworld will be devilishly difficult.

Future spacecraft landing on Jupiter’s moon Europa may have to navigate jagged blades of ice

The Verge - Mon 8 Oct 18

Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, is a prime candidate in the search for life elsewhere in our Solar System — but landing a spacecraft on the planet may be even more difficult than ...

Do towering spikes of ice exist on Europa? - Mon 8 Oct 18

The moon’s equator could host fields of jagged, sharp ice formations that would not be lander-friendly.

Icy warning for space missions to Jupiter's moon

SpaceDaily - Thu 11 Oct 18

Cardiff UK (SPX) Oct 12, 2018 A location often earmarked as a potential habitat for extra-terrestrial life could prove to be a tricky place for spacecraft to land, new research has revealed. ...

Icy warning for space missions to Jupiter's moon, ScienceDaily - Tue 9 Oct 18