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ESA's Mars rover has a name – Rosalind Franklin - Thu 7 Feb 19

The ExoMars rover that will search for the building blocks of life on the Red Planet has a name: Rosalind Franklin. The prominent scientist behind the discovery of the structure of DNA will ...

ESA’s Mars rover has a name – Rosalind Franklin, ESA - Thu 7 Feb 19
ESA's Mars rover has a name - Rosalind Franklin, SpaceDaily - Sun 10 Feb 19

European Mars rover named after DNA discoverer Rosalind Franklin

Newscientist - Thu 7 Feb 19

The European Space Agency is sending a rover to look for signs of life on Mars, and it has been named after one of the discoverers of DNA

Mars rover to be named after DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin, European Space Agency announces

The Independent - Thu 7 Feb 19

The European Space Agency will name its new Exomars rover Rosalind Franklin, after the DNA pioneer, it has announced.

Rosalind Franklin: Mars rover named after DNA pioneer

BBC News - Thu 7 Feb 19

The rover Europe sends to Mars in 2020 to look for life will carry the name of an unsung hero of DNA discovery.

Europe’s Mars rover named “Rosalind Franklin” in honor of DNA pioneer

ZME Science - Fri 8 Feb 19

It's the perfect name.

Planned Mars Rover Named After Female DNA Pioneer - Fri 8 Feb 19

The UK will send Rosalind Franklin to Mars next summer. A British chemist, X-ray crystallographer, and DNA pioneer, Franklin died in 1958, but her legacy lives on in a planned robotic Mars rover. ...

A Rover That Will Look for Life on Mars Named for DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin

Livescience - Thu 7 Feb 19

Rosalind Franklin was the British scientist whose work was integral to the discovery of DNA's structure.

Rosalind Franklin missed out on a Nobel, but now she'll help look for life on Mars

Popular Science - Thu 7 Feb 19

Space A rover of her own. The six-wheeled rover is expected to land on the Red Planet the following year to search for clues as to whether or not there is, or has ever been, ...

European Mars Rover Named for Crystal Scientist Rosalind Franklin - Thu 7 Feb 19

The European Space Agency (ESA) has named its next Mars rover, due to touch down on the Red Planet in March 2021, in honor of British scientist Rosalind Franklin, whose research was crucial ...

Europe’s Mars rover will be named after chemist Rosalind Franklin

The Verge - Thu 7 Feb 19

Europe’s next Mars rover, slated to launch next year, will be named after noted scientist Rosalind Franklin, whose work led to the discovery of the structure of DNA. Last July, ...

ESA Mars rover named after Rosalind Franklin, brilliant DNA pioneer - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Thu 7 Feb 19

Franklin, who died in 1958, helped us understand the molecular makeup of DNA and RNA.

Rover that will search for life on Mars named after Rosalind Franklin

Chemistry World - Thu 7 Feb 19

Franklin rover will drill into red planet’s surface to look for evidence of life

DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin is immortalised by lending her name to Europe's ExoMars rover

Daily Mail - Thu 7 Feb 19

The UK-built ExoMars robot that will set out to find evidence of life on Mars has been named after British scientist Rosalind Franklin.