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This Is What Your City Might Feel Like in 60 Years Due to Climate Change

Discover Magazine - Wed 13 Feb 19

(Inside Science) -- In 60 years, the climate of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will feel kind of like a contemporary Jonesboro, Arkansas, with higher temperatures and more winter precipitation, according ...

By 2080, Washington D.C. climate may feel like Deep South - Tue 12 Feb 19

In a single generation, climate patterns will shift hundreds of kilometres in the United States, according to a study tracking the northward drift of hotter climes brought on by climate change ...

Climate of North American cities will shift hundreds of miles in one generation - Tue 12 Feb 19

In one generation, the climate experienced in many North American cities is projected to change to that of locations hundreds of miles away—or to a new climate unlike any found in North America ...

Climate of North American cities will shift hundreds of miles in one generation, ScienceDaily - Tue 12 Feb 19
Climate of North American cities will shift hundreds of miles in one generation, Eurekalert - Tue 12 Feb 19

Want a better idea of your future climate? Try this map

Ars Technica - Thu 14 Feb 19

Project finds future climate analogs for 540 cities in the US and Canada.

This new map reveals how climate change could hit your hometown

The Verge - Tue 12 Feb 19

A new interactive map lets you peer 60 years into the future of cities in North America — and no matter where you look, the outlook is worrying. Temperatures climb, precipitation ...

Climate of North American cities in 2080 will tend to resemble those of today hundreds of miles south

ZME Science - Tue 12 Feb 19

Discussions about climate change can be ambiguous for the general public. Is 2°C over the mean in your area a bad thing? For a person living in northern Canada that actually sounds like good ...

'Heading south': Global warming to change climates for millions by 2080

USA today - Tue 12 Feb 19

Because of global warming, hundreds of millions of Americans will have to adapt to dramatically new climates by 2080, a study suggests.        

Climate twins: which city will your city feel like in 2080?

Inhabitat - Mon 18 Feb 19

The phrase "global warming" gets tossed around a lot, but do we really understand what it means and how it will feel? In the groundbreaking Paris Agreement, 195 countries agreed to limit global ...

Contemporary climatic analogs for 540 North American urban areas in the late 21st century

Watts Up With That? - Wed 13 Feb 19

I guess sometimes you just have to throw the officially acknowledged lack of regional skill for GCM’s out the window~ctm From Nature Communications Abstract A major challenge in articulating ...

Your city’s climate will feel like somewhere completely different in 60 years

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 13 Feb 19

If we do nothing to slow the rate of global warming, cities’ climates will start to resemble those of places hundreds of miles away. Prepare for way hotter temperatures and warped humidity ...

By 2080, Climate Change will Force Canadians to Endure Warm Conditions Like Today’s Minnesota

Watts Up With That? - Wed 13 Feb 19

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t TomRude – will nobody think of the children?! By 2080, the climate in these Canadian cities will look nothing like it does today A study looked at 540 cities ...

Climate change could make Washington, D.C., feel like the Deep South

UPI - Tue 12 Feb 19

According to a new study detailing the impacts of global warming on U.S. cities, the nation's capital will feel like the Deep South in just 60 years.

This Scary Map Shows How Climate Change Will Transform Your City

Wired Science - Tue 12 Feb 19

Click on your city, and the map will pinpoint a modern analog city that matches what your climate may be in 2080. The results are startling.