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Self-driving rovers explore Moroccan desert, shooting for Mars - Mon 18 Feb 19

Ever since the first successful landing on Mars in the 1970s, scientists have striven to deepen their knowledge of the red planet's surface. The first successful rover, the Sojourner, was deployed ...

The end has finally come for NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover

MIT Technology Review - Wed 13 Feb 19

After a 15-year stay on our planetary neighbor, NASA is about to end its attempts to communicate with the robot.

NASA To Speak Today on the Fate of Mars Opportunity Rover

Discover Magazine - Wed 13 Feb 19

NASA will hold a briefing at 2pm EST today on the status of its Mars Opportunity Rover, which has been out of communication since June 10, 2018, when dust storms enveloped the planet. Mission ...

NASA to speak today on the fate of Mars Opportunity Rover, - Wed 13 Feb 19

Slowing climate change could reverse drying in the subtropics - Tue 12 Feb 19

As the planet warms, subtropical regions of the Southern Hemisphere, including parts of southern Australia and southern Africa, are drying. These trends include major drought events such as ...

What will happen to the opportunity Rover's dead body on Mars?

FOXNews - Fri 15 Feb 19

NASA's Opportunity Rover has died on Mars.

Timeline: Opportunity’s record-setting mission on Mars

L.A. Times - Wed 13 Feb 19

Here are selected highlights from Opportunity’s 15-year mission on Mars: Jan. 24, 2004 | Opportunity lands on Mars, bouncing its way right into the center of a small crater NASA declared it ...

From discovering water to snapping selfies: The lasting memories of Mars rover Opportunity

USA today - Wed 13 Feb 19

NASA announced Wednesday the Mars rover was deemed dead after it hadn't communicated in over eight months. Here are some of its greatest discoveries        

NASA's history-making Mars rover Opportunity declared dead - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 13 Feb 19

The robotic trailblazer's mission comes to an end after more than 14 years on Mars. Goodnight, Oppy.

NASA's Opportunity rover, resilient Mars explorer, is officially dead - CNET, CNET - Wed 13 Feb 19

After 15 Years, NASA Officially Ends Opportunity Mission on Mars

Extremetech - Wed 13 Feb 19

This is not a time to be sad, though. Opportunity was only designed to operate for 90 Martian days, but it lasted almost 15 years (over 5,000 Martian days) and reshaped our understanding of ...

Nasa calls time on silent Opportunity Mars rover

BBC Science News - Wed 13 Feb 19

The 15-year mission of "Oppy" the robot is declared over after repeated failed attempts to contact it.

Watch live as NASA announces Opportunity's fate

Popular Science - Wed 13 Feb 19

Space NASA's longest-running rover is likely dead. The space agency is holding a press conference on the rover's status at 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday.

NASA set to hold funeral for silent Mars Opportunity rover - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 13 Feb 19

The solar-powered rover hasn't called home since being swamped by a massive dust storm months ago.

NASA admits the Mars Opportunity rover is dead

Engadget - Wed 13 Feb 19

If you're a fan of Mars exploration, you're probably in mourning right now. NASA's Opportunity rover has effectively been declared dead after the agency's last ...

NASA is saying goodbye to its Opportunity rover on Mars after eight months of radio silence

The Verge - Wed 13 Feb 19

NASA is finally saying goodbye to its Opportunity rover on Mars after spending nearly a year trying to reestablish communication with the silent robot. A team of engineers at NASA’s ...

NASA set to pull the plug on its Mars Opportunity rover

FOXNews - Wed 13 Feb 19

NASA has made its final attempts to contact its Mars rover Opportunity, which has been silent on the surface of the Red Planet for 8 months.

What It Will Take For Humans to Be Self-Sustaining in Space

SingularityHub - Fri 15 Feb 19

We take for granted that we live on a planet that is rich in life. With over 14 million identified species, the sheer biodiversity on Earth is outstanding. We depend on this diversity for food ...

NASA Rover Finally Bites the Dust on Mars After 15 Years

Laboratory Equipment - Thu 14 Feb 19

NewsNASA’s Opportunity, the Mars rover that was built to operate just three months but kept going and going, was pronounced dead, 15 years after it landed.Contributed Author: Marcia Dunn, ...

Rising temperatures are putting the Global Seed Vault at risk

Inhabitat - Tue 12 Feb 19

Global warming is putting Earth’s doomsday vault at risk. New research from Norway suggests that rising temperatures could melt the ice on the island where the Global Seed Vault is located, ...