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Loons likely to disappear from Minnesota due to climate change, new report warns - Mon 14 Oct 19

Minnesota could lose its beloved state bird in coming decades if humans don't stall climate change and prevent the common loon from shifting north.

National Audubon report claims two-thirds of North American birds at risk due to climate change - Fri 11 Oct 19

A team of researchers working for the National Audubon Society has found evidence that suggests approximately two-thirds of North American breeding birds are at risk of extinction from climate ...

Climate Change Is Shaping Up As an Utter Disaster for Much of America’s Bird Life

TIME - Thu 10 Oct 19

Two thirds of American bird species are at risk, according to a new report

Report: Climate Change Threatens Two-Thirds of North American Birds - Fri 11 Oct 19

The gorgeous Purple Finch is one of many birds threatened by climate change around the country (via Sandy Cutting/Great Backyard Bird Count) Two-thirds ...

Two-thirds of American birds at risk of extinction, new report claims

FOXNews - Thu 10 Oct 19

Nearly two-thirds of America's breeding bird species are at risk of extinction amid a warming climate, according to a new report.

Study: Rising global temperatures puts HUNDREDS of North American bird species at extinction risk

Daily Mail - Thu 10 Oct 19

Among the endangered species will be some of the most common birds found in North America, including the American Robin, the American Goldfinch, Saltmarsh Sparrow, the and the Oriole

Two-thirds of U.S. birds face extinction due to climate-linked 'emergency': Audubon

Reuters - Thu 10 Oct 19

Two-thirds of bird species in North America, already disappearing at an alarming rate, face extinction unless immediate action is taken to slow the rate of climate change, the National Audubon ...

Report Finds Nearly Two-Third of America's Birds Vulnerable to Extinction From Climate Change

Gizmodo - Thu 10 Oct 19

A new report has found that nearly two-thirds of America’s breeding bird species were moderately to highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.Read more...

Bird emergency: Climate change threatens two-thirds of North American species

UPI - Thu 10 Oct 19

A new report suggests as much as two-thirds of North America's bird species could be threatened with extinction as a result of range loss, should climate change continue unabated.